A Nursery that is Designer Looking and Frugal, Yes Please!

When first thinking about bringing a baby into our new home I was very anti nursery. I figured the baby won't know the difference, so why spend money and time on putting together a room. As I spent time with some great moms (and special friends) many of them would get this big smile on their face as they told me about the hours and hours, late nights, and early mornings spent as a family in the nursery. Nursing baby, playing on the floor with baby, watching baby sleep. They told me that after Read more [...]

Being a “Conscious Consumer” or something like that…

I don't like titles.  Titles just put people into categories and then instead of taking the time to get to know them, you just assume they are like everyone else in said category. So I don't call myself a "Conscious Consumer" because I think I would need to spend every second of every day understanding each products supply chain before I felt comfortable claiming my "Conscious Consumer-ness".  (yes, I just made that word up!) But... I do understand the idea of being thoughtful with my purchases Read more [...]

Cloth Diapering – Discovery, Research, and my Decision to give it a try

First off, this is NOT a post on how to cloth diaper, my baby isn't even here yet! It's also not an "everyone should cloth diaper" post, as each of us have our own unique situation and we all make different decisions when raising our children, and that's good, very good! What is this post about?  It's about a first time expecting mom (3 months to go!) who has spent a lot of time doing research and exploring the question, "Should our family cloth diaper our children?" This post is going to share Read more [...]

Getting in Shape and Staying in Shape while Pregnant

UPDATED: Third Trimester It's every pregnant woman's plan - to stay in shape while pregnant. PLAN is the key word. It's your plan, because you have never been pregnant, so although you hear all the stories of extreme fatigue, nausea, swollen feet, etc. you think that you can beat it. You are different. You will stay in shape throughout the entire pregnancy. Well, that's exactly what I intend to do.  I'm pregnant with my first and I'll be updating this post throughout the 40 weeks with my Read more [...]

Lifefactory Water Bottle Giveaway

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED - UPDATE BELOW Want some extra motivation to join the Drink SIX Hydration Challenge? How about a giveaway! Make a commitment to the challenge, tell your friends on Facebook (so they can hold you accountable too!) and you could win the Lifefactory water bottle. What is a Lifefactory water bottle? It's a reusable glass bottle with a colorful silicone sleeve to help prevent breakage. Why do we like Lifefactory? Green: Glass has been a trusted material for centuries. Read more [...]

Drink Six – Hydration Challenge

We recently posted about the importance and benefits of drinking water. To make a habit of getting enough water throughout the day we are challenging YOU to join us... THE DRINK SIX HYDRATION CHALLENGE In one month we will have a habit of: Drinking SIX, 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Drinking less than 2 cups of coffee a day. Drinking no soda or fruit juices. The Rules: Week 1 Drink SIX, 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Week 2 Drink SIX, 8 ounce glasses of water a Read more [...]

Mock Hollandaise Sauce – Eggs Benedict

I can't believe I'm even posting about Eggs Benedict, I'm not sure I have ever eaten the real thing! I never order it at a restaurant because I know that the Hollandaise sauce is all butter... a.k.a. fat. I've always loved the look of Eggs Benedict - all creamy and gooey. So I started my typical quest to revise a recipe healthy. I look at 10 or more different recipes considering what I could try to make it work with different ingredients. Then I test it out. I don't have the taste Read more [...]

Drink More Water

Drinking water is really important to good health. Why? Rachael Moeller Gorman, an award-winning journalist with impressive credentials summed up the benefits here. These are my favorite: Brain: "Staying hydrated keeps your memory sharp, your mood stable and your motivation intact." More productivity! Heart: "Dehydration lowers your blood volume, so your heart must work harder to pump the reduced amount of blood and get enough oxygen to your cells, which makes everyday activities Read more [...]

Coconut Chicken Patties

Did you read our post on organic meat?  If not, check it out here. When our family made the decision to eat all organic meat, we realized that meant that when eating out we did not order meat. Which means all meat meals are now made at home. I started to look for good pricing on organic meat and found that organic ground chicken and ground turkey could be found at most grocery stores and could stay frozen until I was ready to use it. This worked well for me and is the base for this recipe. I Read more [...]

Why Buy Organic Meat?

Have you heard of mechanically separated chicken? Have you seen this photo floating around the internet? The photo claims to be chicken that is used in chicken nuggets and chicken patties at fast food restaurants and some grocery stores. It's known as mechanically separated meat (MSM) or mechanically separated poultry (MSP).  Well, not everything on the internet is true (shock, I know!), but when in doubt, it's good to check the validity on snopes.com. They have a great write-up on what MSM Read more [...]